"I started this work with one goal in mind:
I wanted to improve the environment & create a better world...
for my grandchildren & for yours."

- Gary Walker, Founder of GAPS ONTARIO

Our goal here at GAPS is to bring clean water research to practical use for the environment. This is our story:

In 2015, Gary was asked to help start an erosion control company. His increasing involvement in this field only continued to deepen his interest in phosphorus reduction. During the time he was working as the General Manager of the erosion control company, Gary became involved in a variety of research projects. Through this work and the connections that he made, he was able to determine that his true passion for environmental stewardship is in phosphorus reduction. The natural next step for him was to exit his role as GM at the company and start his own… which is how GAPS came to life.

Gary founded GA Phosphorus Solutions in order to meet the increasing demand of connecting technology to the end user. In 2018 he began collaborating with ESSRE, an engineering firm in Pennsylvania that brings phosphorus R&D to farm drainage systems. He also began exploring the use of Biochar in 2018 with the help of a gentleman from London, Ontario. In 2019, Gary was hired as an Ontario representative for Muddy River Technologies, a firm based out of British Columbia. As of October 2019, he is involved with five different projects, all of which examine different ways in which we can reduce phosphorus.

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