Always looking for ways to conserve water, I offered to introduce BioChar Now to the city of Yorba Linda on a controlled portion of the city-owned golf course. I provided them with 9 yards of the product with instructions of how much to use on the lawn so as to be able to monitor the results. The results exceeded expectations. Watering the section only once a week versus the rest of the course being watered three time a week, the controlled section stayed as green and healthy as the rest of the course and grew thicker and faster than the rest of the course. I am thoroughly convinced that BioChar Now could be the saving sake for municipalities, schools and farmers up and down the state of California and highly recommend this product.

Bob Kiley
Elected Board Member of the Yorba Linda Water District

We are very excited about the test results of the Biochar Now application at Salt Creek Golf Club in Chula Vista, CA and we see a strong fit for Biochar Now in this specialized market. The longer retention of water and nutrients because of the Biochar Now application was obvious over the two weeks following the application, since the area tested show a healthier and greener color blade than the surrounding areas which did not have the application.  After 30 days of 30% reduced watering, the test area did not show any signs of stress or dryness. In fact, the area tested continued to show a healthier and greener color blade than the surrounding areas which did not have the application. A natural solution is an important agronomic factor with golf facilities, and Biochar Now is the most effective method we have ever tested in saving water costs, based on our 25 years of experience in the Golf Industry. 

Tony Duran
President/Founder of The Duran Group

ESSRE Consulting has worked with GAPs Ontario for nearly 2 years, which has created an international alliance dedicated to reducing nutrient pollutant Phosphorus (P) throughout overloaded watersheds.  Specifically, we have collaborated on projects under the auspices of the Thames River Phosphorus Reduction Collaborative that address P pollution from farming and from wastewater treatment plants. GAPs has for the first time in Ontario used novel, high surface area adsorptive media designed to selectively remove dissolved P from water or wastewater.  GAPs and ESSRE share a mutual passion to reduce P pollution, which will result in enhancing freshwater quality and aquatic biodiversity -  no more Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs).

Ed Weinberg
President of ESSRE Consulting Inc.

GAPS led by Gary Walker is focused as an environmental solution provider by supporting many Thames River PRC projects and most importantly scaling up cost effective solutions to reduce phosphorus loads in our waters.

Charles Lalonde
Administrator at Thames River Phosphorous Collaboration